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Robert Peng

Qigong Master

Robert is a world renowned Qigong Master and teacher who has helped  thousands of students in many different cultures practice and enjoy Qigong.

As a young boy during the cultural revolution in China when qigong was banned Robert was befriended by an old man, a highly regarded monk named Xiao Yao who had to flee his monastery that was shuttered and who became Robert’s master.

With the encouragement of his parents Robert studied qigong in secret with Xiao Yao intensely for over a decade while continuing to go to school and then college to become an English teacher in China.  

When Qigong was no longer banned in China Robert began to practice and teach openly. He was highly regarded and invited to teach at a government sponsored international economic development program in Hainan where he taught and treated many business leaders and politicians from around the world. After treating the Australian prime minister and his daughter they were so astonished at the results they repeatedly invited him to Australia until Robert accepted in 1997. In 2004 at the behest of many of his patients and students he moved to New York City where he lives and works today.

Robert has the very rare combination of a deep understanding of the practice of Qigong with his life experiences in the western world that allow him to help students of different cultures understand and enjoy the many benefits of practicing Qigong.

Robert has taught Qigong at many esteemed places including Yale University Medical School, West Point Military Academy, JP Morgan Chase, Omega Institute, Kripalu, Esalen Institute, and soon at Qigong Vacations.org first Farm Adventure in May 2017.