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Noel Nowicki, MD 

 Chief Health Officer

Pioneering physician who was among the first doctors to perform acupuncture as part of his treatment to patients in a major hospital in America.

At Kessler Institutes, a leading national rehabilitation center, Dr. Nowicki was the first to use acupuncture to treat patients at the institute.  The National Institute of Health funded a study he co-led on the efficacy of acupuncture treatment on stroke victims. The award winning research brought international recognition.

Dr. Nowicki spent over a decade teaching doctors and medical practitioners acupuncture with the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine. He knows first hand the benefits of qigong having practiced for over 20 years with many highly regarded teachers including Robert Peng.

As Chief Health Officer at Qigong Vacations Dr. Nowicki helps us understand qigong from a contemporary western medicine view and a traditional eastern medicine view. He has spent much of his career helping doctors and health care practitioners understand the way both views of medicine can be combined to produce healthier outcomes.

Read about Dr. Noel Nowicki’s early work bringing acupuncture to the Kessler Institute in this New York Times article.