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Michael Gelb

Michael Gelb is an expert at teaching modern westerners how to use qigong in real world situations to face everyday challenges.

Much of Michael’s career and many of the books he has written have accomplished this in different ways illuminating the paths to improve our creativity, leadership, relationships, productivity, and overall happiness.

Michael is an accomplished martial artist holding an advanced black belt who shares his wealth of knowledge from a lifetime of studying with many acclaimed qigong masters.

Michael describes his early work teaching the Alexander Technique as a westernized form of qigong. Much of Michael’s work would now be seen as part of the field of positive psychology, although he was doing so before the term was in vogue.  

Michael teaches us how we can experience real benefits from qigong without needing to be an advanced martial artist, devout monk, or hard core adherent.

He has done this with great results for people from all backgrounds and with many leading organizations including Genentech, Merck, Nike, the Young President’s Organization, and Microsoft. His seminars at universities and leading retreat centers like Esalan and Omega are highly regarded. Michael is the founder of the Super Qi Summit bringing together some of the most respected English-speaking qigong masters and scholars in the world.

Given all of his success and the success his students experience it is no wonder that he has sold over a million copies of his books!

His books include the international best seller How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: 7 Steps to Genius Every Day. Other titles include Creativity on Demand, Innovate Like Edison, Thinking for a Change, and his newest work The Art of Connection.

Learn more about Michael Gelb at https://michaelgelb.com/about