Our Next Vacation Destination

The Inn at East Hill Farm,
Troy NH.

May 14 -19 2017

Located at the base of Mount Monadnock in the tranquil southwestern corner of New Hampshire, the Inn at East Hill Farm maintains its tradition as a destination resort where families and friends can meet in a relaxed atmosphere that promotes true re-creation.


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What is a Qigong vacation? 

A Qigong Vacation combines the best parts of a relaxing vacation with an in-depth qigong retreat.

Combining the best elements of a traditional vacation and a qigong retreat means time for fun activities in the afternoon and evening while enjoying qigong in the mornings.

  • Family and friends could be a welcome addition. It is easy to bring family and friends that are not interested in practicing qigong because there are plenty of fun activities on-site. Guests who do not participate in qigong sessions staying with attendees pay a lower rate.
  • Comfort is important. Private accommodations with private bathrooms are standard and promote a more restful experience.
  • Unplug and connect. Qigong Vacations occur in locations that encourage both connecting with others and time apart for yourself.
  • Meals are joyful and delicious. Plentiful and healthful dishes featuring fresh, local and organic ingredients when possible. Often snacks and tea/coffee are included and available throughout the day. With notice special diets can usually be accommodated and vegetarians are always welcome.
  • Opportunity abounds. Learn from great qigong masters, make new friends, engage in many on-site activities and enjoy life. The experience of a Qigong Vacation can last a lifetime.   
  • Exceptional value. We do the work of bringing everything together in beautiful locations all for an inviting price. Great teachers, comfortable accommodations, delicious food and time to simply enjoy being alive make every Qigong Vacation a tremendous value. What a wonderful way to spend your vacation.
  • Balancing time for practice and play is a key part of every qigong vacation. Avoiding the western urge to study hard long hours in class each day by allowing time to experience the change the morning practice brings helps students progress faster. Feeling the change in your mind and body after a morning of qigong helps deepen your connection to your practice.  

Having afternoons and evenings to enjoy fun activities on-site makes this a true vacation for everyone. A Qigong Vacation is fun even if you are not attending the morning qigong sessions. This really is a vacation in a vacation setting.

What is so great about a Qigong Vacation?

Exceptional value, opportunity, and fun.

Who is a Qigong Vacation for?

It’s for everyone.  People starting their very first time with Qigong to experienced practitioners, old or young, big or small, in good shape or not, suffering from injuries or healthy. Anyone looking to reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate tension, promote good health, but most of all it is for people who want a vacation where they have fun and enjoy themselves.

A Qigong Vacation is fun and may help you feel better for the rest of your life !